Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Didn't make it

I wanted to get into the habit of posting daily, and that is part of the reason for the fresh start with a blog.

Well, just about everything gets off to a slow start.  That, or I could get obsessive and put all my time and energy into a new venture...

Anyway, a recurring theme in my old blog was my efforts to try to get my house clean.  It seemed that I was always complaining about it, but never seemed to make progress.  Well, I'm actually making progress.  Still complaining, ;), but at least getting somewhere.  I'm finding it fairly easy to keep several areas/rooms clean.  And the others are being slowly pulled up to par.

So, my back entry, my kitchen (75%), my bathroom, and my bedroom are all clean enough that a "cleaning" of these areas/rooms takes only a few minutes to half an hour to bring up to "company ready".  The kitchen does take a bit longer, what with dishes and all, and the 75% mention above refers to the "hidden" mess - inside cupboards, the fridge, the non-existent counter top. But, seriously, it doesn't take me that long to clear the counter or whip through the dishes if I have to...

Yesterday, I (again!) cleaned out the "catch all" closet.  I am determined to keep it tidy enough that it takes no time to clean it.  I have before pictures, and I have after pictures, but the after pics are still on the camera, and I should figure out a way to edit all the pics to make them smaller.  More on that later...

So, that is what I would have posted about yesterday, had I any time left after sorting the closet!!

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