Sunday, September 14, 2014

Art Imitating Life, or Life Imitating Art?

Didn't realize I'd let it go so long since I last posted!!

So, I enjoy several TV shows.  They are listed (though maybe not in their entirety at this moment) on the side bar.  One of the more recent TV shows that I've been watching is the one called "The Last Ship".

I don't know if that is going to become a regular series, or if it will just be a summer thing. I hope it becomes regular.  I started watching it  in part because of one of the main stars.  Eric Dane.  Definitely easy on the eyes!!  He used to be a regular on Grey's Anatomy. My opinion of a great actor is one who not only makes you believe in the character, but one who, when playing different roles, can make each character come to life as an individual.  As in, I could easily enough recognize Eric Dane by looks, but I could see none of the Grey's character, Dr. Mark Sloan, in The Last Ship's captain Tom Chandler.

The show, "The Last Ship" is good enough to keep my attention.  The characters are interesting.  The actors and actresses are talented.  And the story line isn't repetitive or boring.... The story moves forward at a comfortable pace. They don't rush through it, so that it is too unrealistic to be believed, but it also doesn't drag so that you get bored or lose total interest.  The latter is what killed it for me to watch the summer only showings of "Under the Dome".  Bored before the first several episodes were aired... and hard to keep track of who was who - the characters were very much interchangeable, and the actors/actresses seemed equally similar...

The thing that struck me the most, though:  In order to put together a TV show, I know that there is some pressure to churn out ideas and scripts and so on, for a weekly offering.  BUT, it still takes time to come up with the original idea, get a cast together, get the effects in order, plan out the sets, find a producer, write scripts, etc. etc. etc.  That isn't done overnight.

So the interesting part is, that around the time this show starts airing - a show about a strange virus that is making everyone ill, then killing them, and spreading around the world like wildfire - that we start hearing in the news about a new virus that is making people ill, then killing them, and is spreading quickly....  Ok, maybe E-bola virus isn't quite decimating the planet, and I'm pretty sure it isn't the only virus to cause widespread illness and near panic (legionaire's disease and SARS are two that come to mind from recent years), but it sure is interesting that there are so many similarities between a fictional television show, and a real life situation!

Now, don't go getting all in a panic, I'm just making an observation.... It's just my opinion.

And I look forward to seeing how the writers/producers and Tom Chandler and his crew handle the situation they are faced with!  Even if I have to wait until next summer to find out!

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